Jára Šára is a Czech engraving master who has travelled all over the world to teach classical Bohemian glass engraving in different countries such as Czech Republic, United States of America, Germany and Japan.

Students will be introduced into the one of the most difficult artistic crafts, the royal glass technique: an un-interrupted Bohemian heritage. The tradition of Czech engraved glass was initiated in the 17th century by the talented engraver Caspar Lehmann, who worked in the court of Emperor Rudolf II. Look under the lid of the glass craft and immerse yourself in glass decorating techniques under the experienced supervision of a master cutter.

The class will start with an explanation of the different kinds of techniques and materials used and continue with the prepared drawings which will be transferred onto the glass surface. Students will learn to use basic cuts and combinations to create easy animals such as fish, horses, trees and flowers, or architectural elements. After students have covered basic knowledge and skills, they can create their own designs and apply them on different kinds of glass and shapes. All levels of students are welcome.

Czech Republic

Kolektiv Atelier, Nový Bor

WHEN: Usually Saturday according to agreement
DURATION: from 9:00 am (length approx. to 5:00 pm)
WHERE: Kolektiv Atelier, Sklářská 705, 473 01 Nový Bor
ITINERARY: Engraving and sanding workshop, glass blowing demonstration, visit to the Glass Museum with expert commentary

Other Countries

 Jára Šára can also travel to other countries for workshops as he is currently based in Toyama, Japan.